Storied, the App

Here’s an app created by two writers that’s designed to teach high school students standard test vocabulary through, uh, a really novel innovation:  let them read a story.

Seriously, I think it’s a brilliant idea.  I have no argument with new technologies. There are many reasons I find books best, but let your older kids read on screens, too.  Just get them to read.

Storied teaches targeted words in context, with reinforcement.

Also?  If they like to write, they can enter the Storied contest. And win $1000.

And if you’re as hopeful about the future of the app as I am, you can also help the creators along at Kickstart, which is a pretty great place to find and innovators of all types–including in the arts.  My husband made me by him a Christmas present there, which is a fancy strap that basically turns his nano into a watch of the future.

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