Nurturing Girls

Peggy Orenstein’s new book, Cinderella Ate My Daughter, really doesn’t need my plug, but she’s saying some smart things about gender and culture, how girls are marketed to, and why contemporary girly girl culture is not empowering but dangerous. She argues it limits girls’ imaginations, sexualizes them early, conflates how they look with how they feel, and produces rampant consumerism. Something I’ve written about here regarding (mostly) boys.   We have mostly avoided the entire spectrum of dangers, thus far, and I really don’t know too many girls who throw themselves into it, but I see little things all around among my daughter’s classmate (makeup on special occasions, affection for tweeny Disney shows…)and there is, of course the larger culture which is unavoidable.  Somebody (ok, a lot of girl bodies) must be consuming this stuff…You can read the interview over at Mother Jones.


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